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Hello, I'm Chris Spence

All brands have a story to tell, and design is how we tell those stories. Creative Directors bring the stories to life using visuals, words, sounds, motion, and interaction. I am a Creative Director with 15+ years of experience crafting innovative design solutions for some of the most iconic brands in the world. I am a creative thinker and a strategic problem solver with a passion for graphic design, a unique breadth of knowledge, and a strong work ethic. I am a self-starter who can collaborate fluidly across functional teams to deliver complex projects on time, on brand, and on budget. 

As a proven creative leader, I embrace the principles of servant leadership. I view leadership as an opportunity to foster the professional and personal growth of others, particularly those that I manage. I use an approach of shared authority, responsibility, and achievement to drive performance. I can find, shape, and motivate talent while building an inclusive team environment with a vibrant culture of creativity, collaboration, and accountability.


At the intersection of creativity and strategy is where I excel. Understanding business objectives enable me to consistently deliver creative solutions with a strategic purpose.


Intellectual curiosity drives me to deeply explore best practices, prevailing strategies, and the latest innovations as it relates to design, marketing, and business.


Some of my greatest work will never appear in my portfolio because it’s the teams I’ve built. Teams that foster collaboration, quality of work, user-centric design, and inspired creative thinking.


Building a great brand is about connecting with your customers on an emotional level. Branding is not about gaining market share, but about gaining mindshare and building a familiar trust that lasts a lifetime.


Design is where strategy and creativity come together. A great design makes an immediate impact and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. In the end, however, a design is only as good as the results it produces.


It all begins with well planned marketing strategies and goals. Whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation, or direct response; I understand what it takes to grow a startup as well as extend the reach of a well established company.


Good storytelling is about telling the right story to the right crowd. When I approach a project my goal is to tell a story the audience can understand and relate to, regardless of whether the media is print, video, audio, or interactive media.

Featured Work

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Why Me?

I am exceptionally versatile because my experience as a Creative Director draws heavily on a uniquely diverse background and a base of knowledge that stretches far beyond design. I have a fundamental belief that a leader in any given profession should not only master their own trade, but also have a deep understanding of every aspect of their industry. I have spent my entire career building this understanding … from the marketing goals that drive design, to the technology that influences advertising, and to the strategy it takes to grow a business.

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What this means for your business

I have had the opportunity to work in a number of roles for a number of different companies. Although my primary focus has always been designing materials for business and advertising, my duties have been as varied as the companies for which I have worked.

The rocket science it takes

I can execute big picture concepts across all platforms and I have proven experience in doing just that.

Award-winning creative solutions

I can create campaigns that produce results in both accolades and return on investment.

Strategies that drive business

I can lead new initiatives, expand services, generate new revenue, and support your client’s needs no matter what they are.

  • I worked with Chris on dozens of projects over the years and his unique combination of creative/design skills matched with marketing and branding acumen is unsurpassed. His experience gained working in large companies and start-ups clearly sharpened his leadership and people management skills which he brought to bear as we profitably grew our marketing services practice year over year. I often sought advice from Chris and was always impressed with his 360 degree view of marketing and his laser focus on the quality of work leading to complete customer satisfaction. His calm, cool, confident leadership style under pressure makes him an asset to any team.

    Chuck Harris, Chief Development Officer @ NetAmerica

  • Chris is a great Creative Director and team leader. He manages the creative services portion of my team and was instrumental in uniting the company (the result of a series of mergers and acquisitions) under one solid brand/visual identity. In addition to being a great designer, Chris went out of his way to learn new skills to help grow the department. One thing that most impressed me was his leadership in implementing a marketing program called Marketo. This lead-gen program had multiple technical aspects that needed to be mastered, along with the design. Additionally, he led the charge in our digital marketing and social media programs that secured significant growth in qualified leads for my sales team. Chris is a thoughtful and collaborative leader and would be an asset to any team he was a part of.

    Kevin Kutcher, VP of Marketing @ CHR Solutions

  • I had the distinct pleasure of working with Chris while at Cross MediaWorks when he headed up the Interactive division of the corporation. When we first recruited Chris I remember finding in him a unique "left brain, right brain" quality that is very hard to find as rarely is someone very talented at both in the agency world. Chris is. During our time together Chris found creative solutions that saved our company thousands upon thousands of dollars while identifying ways to help our clients monetize their businesses through interactive strategies and associated tactics. There is literally nothing that Chris cannot accomplish. I relied on him heavily and would certainly hope to work with him again. He is loyal to a fault, can operate independently, lead a team or follow. He is a self-starter and displays a tremendous personal drive to contribute to the bottom line. I can highly recommend him for any role he might be considered for in the future and endorse him whole-heartedly!

    Joe Nicholson, Marketing Executive @ Aetna

  • Working with Chris was a great pleasure. Chris is a consummate professional. He has outstanding attention to detail and an eye for excellent work that produced results. Chris is committed to his team and clients while maintaining an open-minded approach to new ideas and concepts. His work in CRM and Marketo adoption and integration made significant improvements to our ability to capture and convert leads while improving ROI.

    Ginny Gardea, Director of Marketing @ NetAmerica

  • I had the pleasure to work with Chris Spence for over two years at CHR Solutions. He is an excellent creative director, manager and inspirational leader to the creative team, ensuring the highest standards of creative output. He’s a problem solver, and the solutions are always intelligent, conceptual, on strategy and well executed. Chris's talent for Creative Direction is extraordinary, and I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone looking for someone to take on the challenging role and do it with complete professionalism and dedication.

    Lena Timinsky, Sr. Designer @ Dallas Symphony Orchestra

  • I have worked closely with Chris over the last 2+ years. Chris is extremely hard working, easy to get along with, detail oriented, and very knowledgeable. Chris can envision a creative strategy, pitch it to a client, and bring it to fruition. Often times he suggested I gain experience in everything, but master a couple facets related to my industry. He is the true embodiment of this as he knows at least a little about everything with a few specialties. I’ve learned a lot from him and watched the CHR Solutions brand progressively transform under his direction. He’s a motivated team player that I wouldn’t think twice about recommending.

    Chris Finley, Digital Engagement @ Pizza Hut

  • Chris is a multi-talented professional who excels at providing strategic direction while maintaining a creative mind. He wears many hats and has expertise in areas related to business and design - truly valuable assets when providing creative direction. He's a great leader and is not afraid to step out of the box and take on responsibility outside of his role. Chris is a real asset to any team.

    Tori Toering, Account Specialist @ Paulsen Marketing

  • Clients appreciate the way Chris embraces a vision and delivers a creative interpretation that works. He consistently crafts wonderful work.

    Greg Hodson, VP Executive Producer @ Cross Mediaworks

  • Sharp, passionate, and determined, that’s how I’d describe Chris. He cares about the work, and he never shies away from fighting for the best solutions. He digs in, asks smart questions, and works hard for the right results. He’s a great creative, and he’d be an asset to any organization.

    Matt Barlow, VP, Account Executive @ Insider Marketing

  • I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chris on many creative projects while at Insider Marketing. The thing I respect most about Chris was his ability to push creative boundaries while staying true to brand guidelines. Not only is his creative eye sharp, but he's a big picture thinker and would be a great asset to any team.

    Phoebe Moore, VP, Account Executive @ Insider Marketing

My Experience

I have worked dilligently throughout my career building an expertise in print and digital design, user experience, brand development, and marketing strategy. I am an accomplished leader and mentor with the ability to guide both creative teams and clients to greater success.

Print & Traditional Media

My experience includes hands-on design of collateral, outdoor, branding, and environmental materials as well as experience in video and audio production and direction.

Web & Mobile Design

My online and mobile experience focuses extensively on UX and UI design, information architecture, requirements documentation, and overall project leadership.

Email & Social Media

My email and social media experience includes design and coding HTML emails, managing email and drip campaigns, and managing all aspects of social media and online advertising.

Marketing Automation & CRM

I have extensive experience in setting up and managing several marketing automation and CRM tools including Hubspot, Marketo, Microsoft CRM, SugarCRM, and Salesforce.


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